Success Stories


Lars Nyberg,

President and CEO of Telia Sonera

During the past years Ucellhas held the position of fast-growing operator. The number of its subscribers increased from 700,000 in 2007 to 9.6 million by the end 2012. Ucells network covers more than 90% of the population of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekistan operator has been part of the Swedish-Finnish group TeliaSonera since July 2007. TeliaSonera provides telecommunication services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, the emerging markets of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey, and in Spain. The group is now present in 20 markets with close to 460 million inhabitants. Nearly 200 million of them are subscribers of the companies in which TeliaSonera has shareholdings. TeliaSonera's net sales amounted to approximately USD 15.5 billion in 2011. The group has around 28,000 employees, of them over 800 are employed in Uzbekistan.

Ucell is one of the biggest taxpayers in Uzbekistan. Over the past five years, Ucellhas paid over UZS 460 billion in form of taxes and invested nearly UZS 1.2 trillion in operation and development of its mobile network throughout the country.

TeliaSoneraactively supports social projects in the countries where it operates. Thus, Ucell has invested overUZS 36 billion in various corporate responsibility and sponsorship projects inUzbekistan.

We operate in Central Asia for over 10 years, and I must say, very well. We have similar brands in different countries, but we are working as a local company. In 2007-2008, we entered the markets of several new countries, including Uzbekistan. Our companies work with professional staff, our brands are loved and customers loyalty is at a very high level. I think the leadership of Ucell and every employee of the company have done a very good job.

There are three factors of success for telecommunications companies, which are valid for all countries, whether in Uzbekistan or Sweden. And these are: the creation of the right financial structure, network quality and customer service. And that is exactly what we are doing in Uzbekistan. I said once that I believe business area Eurasia will be TeliaSoneras growth engine for years to come.

TeliaSoneras leadership strategy implemented is implemented in all the countries where Company operates. Ucell was one of the first in the country to test the connection of new generation (4G/LTE standard), and for the past three years has grown the amount of data transfer servicesby several times. The company intends to continue development and implementation of new and advanced technologies in the field of telecommunications services, which puts Uzbekistan on par with the developed nations of the world.

We are a long-term investor in mobile telecommunications. We are investing in Uzbekistan as we are confident in the economic perspectives of the country. The market of Uzbekistan plays an important role in the CIS and the potential of the telecommunication markets development is huge. We are one of key European investors in the CIS states. TeliaSonera, represented by Ucell, is ready to make contribution to the development of private entrepreneurship, creating new jobs, providing businesses and citizens of Uzbekistan with the latest communication technologies.

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