Success Stories

Satwinder Singh



Uzbekistan The heart of Central Asia is the only country in central Asia which has created a very comfortable, supportive, and attractive business models for the investors worldwide.

The Government of Uzbekistan has a very transparent vision for reforming the modernization in all business sectors, Uzbekistan has a very favorable policy for macroeconomic & stable economic growth by creating a reliable financial and banking systems.

We at JV Nova Pharm (Uzbek-Indian joint venture) has successfully started our operations in Termez city (Surkhandarya) with an investment plan of USD 8 million in manufacturing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Uzbekistan.

The first phase of company is already running its operations successfully; this all has been possible only with the support of Ministry of foreign economic relations / Ministry of health & Uzpharmsanoat.

The new programs introduced by the Government of Uzbekistan concerning rebate in taxation, rebate in custom duties, and so many other operational benefits has facilitated us to run our operations successfully, not only this but so many other companies have started manufacturing locally which help us to get lot of material in Uzbekistan which saves lot of time, cost efficiency, results to fasten the manufacturing process.

Concerning other important factors like exports / infrastructure / skilled workforce I would like to add that

1- Uzbekistan is located in a favorable geographical position which connects by road / rail to Central Asian countries / Russia / china/Eastern Europe/Gulf countries/Turkey & Afghanistan.

2- Another important factor for companys success is to get skilled workforce which also has played a major role in running our company operations successfully.

3- The country has very favorable infrastructure which fastens the growth that leads to successfully running the operations.

Concerning healthcare & pharmaceutical products I would like to add that Uzbekistan is a rich source of naturally growing herbs which after re-processing can be used for providing herbal healthcare products worldwide.

We not only know but have experienced the potential with exist in Uzbekistan and we have experienced the support from all government. & semi government organizations and can proudly quote that Uzbekistan is a dream country for any investor.

That is why we at JV Nova Pharm Uzbekistan hereby fully confident & committed to provide quality pharmaceutical & herbal products to the world as per international standards.
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