Success Stories


Hasan Ulusoy
Chairman of the Board

Nobel Ilac In Brief. Established in 1964, Nobel İlaç constitutes the flagship subsidiary of Ulkar Holding, a leading group of vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies, headquartered in Istanbul.

The Holdings operations and expertise cover a wide spectrum including research & development, synthesis of APIs, manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms, and sales and marketing activities.

With its affiliates, Nobel İlaçs mission is to develop and manufacture high quality pharmaceutical products while continuing on its path as a global player.

Nobel İlaç draws its strength from its half-a-century-experience, broad range of APIs and pharmaceutical dosage forms, research &development activities and comprehensive manufacturing facilities, under the control and performance of a dedicated team of 2500 professionals.

As of November 2012, Nobel İlaç enjoys state-of-the-art production facilities in three countries.

Thanks to the companys extensive international sales and marketing network, Nobel is a leading brand name in twenty countries, located predominantly in Central Asia, the Balkans, North East Europe and the Middle East. Furthermore, Nobel İlaç is pursuing new partnership and investment opportunities in Asia and Europe in a continuous quest to expand its horizons.

Nobel In Uzbekistan. We are proud to say that currently, Nobel İlaç is Turkeys leading exporter of pharmaceutical products and is regarded as the leading expert on global pharmaceutical trade and cooperation. We should note that we started our path in international market in Uzbekistan, twelve years ago. 

The establishment we founded in 2000 with much excitement is today a respected manufacturer of high standard pharmaceutical products. Nobel Pharmsanoat employs 250 professionals this is 1/10 of our entire personnel dedicated to human health, and the companys high quality production and research oriented work discipline are acknowledged and appreciated among medical circles and official bodies of our brother country Uzbekistan.

In the twelve years, we spent so far in Uzbekistan, the encouraging realities of today and bright prospects of the future of Uzbekistan have increased our dedication to our work and investment.

In this regard, one of the most reinforcing elements of our faith in the country is the Governments visionary export-oriented strategy, which transformed Uzbekistan into a regional investment hub. This policy undoubtedly played a major role in the countrys economic development since its independence.

Some of the other key factors that encouraged our investments are Uzbekistans central location at the crossroads of intercontinental trade routes and also its demographic asset as the regions most populated country, with a young, educated and motivated human capital.

New Investment. Consequently we decided to intensify our investments in Uzbekistan, which we believe will strengthen the countrys pivotal role in Nobel İlaçs expanding global structure. The construction of the second Nobel manufacturing facility is projected to amount over 10 million dollars. This investment is expected to increase the annual production capacity to five million boxes, with a view to not only amplifying domestic supplies but also multiplying export volumes. This expansion projects us to increase our team with150 new employees, with whom we will set and achieve even bigger goals, side by side in the coming years.

Uzbekistan rightfully perpetuates its historical, economic and political significance with the realization of the countrys full potential. We are proud to play a humble role in the realization of Uzbekistans medical and economic ideals set by the countrys visionary Government for an even brighter future.

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