Success Stories


Manfred Grundke,

General Partner Knauf Group

Uzbekistan is one of the leading industrial countries in the Central Asia and the densely-populated countries of the CIS, where the construction and the production of construction materials are one of the priority areas of the countrys economic development. Certainly, country is the attractive region for foreign investors in general. As for the main factors that determined this attraction of Uzbekistan for Knauf, I could mention political stability, favorable geographical location of Uzbekistan, which is located in the heart of Central Asia, which creates favorable conditions for the development of beneficial regional cooperation. Another factor in this choice is a stable and high-quality raw material source, gypsum deposits are high in calcium. The country's population is half the population of Central Asia, which defines a significant trading area for the finished products. Foreign investors are granted privileges and preferences, which include exemption from property and income taxes, exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment.

An additional factor was also a boom in the construction industry. And what is also important is that the trend of rapid growth of capital construction in the Uzbekistan and neighboring countries will last for the short-term.

I should mention that the total investment volume of Knauf Company in construction industry of Uzbekistan was more than 57 million USD. By now with the assistance of joint stock company "Uzstroymaterialy" and the full support of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan the Knauf Company has mastered the two investment projects: the production of advanced dry building mixes on the joint venture "Bukharagips" OJSC and Knauf plasterboard on the "Knauf Gips Bukhara" IC.

A year after the setting up of the plant for the production of Knauf plasterboards, our company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of plasterboard for builders in Uzbekistan. Furthermore more than 30% of products are exported to the countries of Central Asia, including Afghanistan. KNAUF factories that produce Knauf-boards (plasterboards) and dry mixtures in Uzbekistan are strategically important for the group. They supply rapidly growing markets in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kirgizstan) with modern construction materials.

We have all we need know how, local raw materials (the gypsum equerry is located 5 km from the production site) and well trained staff.

In autumn 2005, Knauf won a tender for purchase of the governmental stake in Bukharagips OJSC and, following acquisition of additional shares in the stock market, it became the majority shareholder of the enterprise.

In October 2009, Bukharagips launched production of the four most popular Knauf gypsum-based dry mixtures: Knauf Rotband, Knauf Fugen, Knauf Perlfix and Knauf Satengips. On October 06, 2009 there was an official opening of the plant.  Later that year the construction of plasterboard plat was launched. By April 2, 2011 construction, installation and commissioning works had been completed and the first Knauf-board was manufactured on the new line. Since May, 2011 the plant operated in two shifts, and from mid-June, 2011 - in three shifts. By June 22, 2011, i.e. exactly three months before the official start, the first million sq. meters of Knauf-boards was manufactured on the production line.

The official opening of a Knauf-board plant took place on September 22, 2011. Production capacity of the new plant allows annual production of 20 mln sq. meters of high quality gypsum boards.

Quality, efficiency, environmental friendliness and appearance form the basis of Knauf Companys strategy in achieving competitiveness, maintaining and increasing the market share. We position our products in the market as a high-quality and environmentally friendly, which help with least economic costs to implement the most ambitious design projects and offer the widest range of options to make the home cozy, comfortable and attractive. We aim at consumer to choose solutions based on our products. Such is the philosophy of the Knauf Group, which defines the guidelines in work and attitude towards customer and provides a leading position of Knauf in the area of construction and design.

We communicate and do much work among our customers and end-users to promote and distribute our products in the countries of Central Asia and it brings good results. 2012 we have sold 28 thousand tones made by Bukharagips OJSC. The sufficient evidence that our products are very popular are KNAUF boards sales performance data for 2012 more than 17 million m².

For us it is important that builders put to good use of our products, comply with technique for mounting structures of dry construction, which besides plaster boards and plasters also includes metal profiles and heat insulation. Thats why the Knauf Company works closely together with the Architecture and Building State Committee of Uzbekistan, which orders in 2004 and 2009 adopted and put in force the harmonized interstate regulatory documents as national regulatory documents. These albums with production drawings of Knauf systems (partitions, coating and suspended ceilings) allow applying the modern technologies in the construction that provide the innovative methods of performing finishing works. Besides the Training and ConsultationCenters of Knauf Company successfully work in Tashkent, and in February of the next year we plan to open one more training center in Bukhara as a part of our company. As famous eastern thinker As-Samarkandi said: "The knowledge is haughty and beauteous, the knowledge is more precious than the treasure of gems: the time will destroy any treasure, a wise and advised person is always of great demand."

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