Success Stories

Kosuke Hirata,

Manager, Isuzu Business Section

ITOCHU Corporation

History of ITOCHU Corporation starts more than 150 years ago, as a small textile retail store. Today, being one of the Fortune 500 companies, with a worldwide network of offices and subsidiaries, uniting more than 62,000 people as employees, ITOCHU Corporation is giving huge priority to development.

With approximately 130 bases in 66 countries, ITOCHU, one of the leading trading companies, is engaging in domestic trading, import/export, and overseas trading of various products such as textile, information and communications technology, machinery, energy, metals, minerals, chemicals, forest products, general merchandise, food, construction, realty, insurance, and logistics services, as well as arrangement of finance and investment in Japan and overseas.

ITOCHU established its representative office in 1996. To the present day, ITOCHU Corporation keeps strong confidence in continuing development of business in Uzbekistan. To this day, ITOCHU Corporation has long term relationship with many Uzbek organizations and companies, such as Samarkand Automobile Factory LLC, Navoi Metallurgical Mining Company, textile industry, electronics industry and others.

Particularly, ITOCHU Corporation is a shareholder of Samarkand Automobile Factory LLC and since 2007, has been supplying assembly parts of Isuzu Motors Ltd. These assembly parts are used by SamAuto LLC to produce trucks and buses, supporting vital lines of logistics and transportation of the Republic. In 2011, SamAuto LLC has produced a 10,000th vehicle and is planning to increase production volumesannually.

Since collaborating efforts in a partnership with this company, many perspective projects are being developed. These include but not limited to the following:

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles a vehicle utilizing low cost natural gas as fuel, economically attractive to the potential client and ecologically saving the planet with lower-emission levels

8-meter bus a modern and more sophisticated long bus, designed to be the key logistics factor in dynamic and growing cities

New 700P models a new type of chassis, mastered by leading Japanese engineers of Isuzu Motors, serves as a heart for a completely new bus and trucks, designed and developed by SamAuto LLC

Furthermore, it is planned to implement on SamAuto LLC factory the traditionally Japanese Kaizen philosophy, that optimizes production and manufacturing process. This philosophy has been adapted by leading companies in various industries and allows achieving better results and saving cost without dramatic changes in the business model.

ITOCHU Corporation is aiming to keep long-term partnership in existing projects and further develop business in Uzbekistan.  The aspiration for constant development is fueled with stable positive economic factors and high level of skills and education of Uzbekistan specialists.
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