Success Stories

Dmitry Kromsky,  

Vice-president for the business development in CIS

 VimpelCom Ltd

When it comes to the investment climate, the most interesting to know is the opinion of the companies who make these investments. Beeline in Uzbekistan is not only one of the largest taxpayers, but the investor with a long history.

I think that one of the major stabilizing factors for the telecom sector of the country is a developed legal and regulatory framework. Obviously, not only the industry regulator, but lawmakers and the government generally pay serious attention to ICT, what in its turn creates all the conditions for technological development.

By the results of the third quarter we see 50% increase of the traffic and 30% grow of the subscriber base. And we as an operator must provide them the level of service to which they are accustomed. Beeline has always been the operator of the high-quality connection, and our main goal - to return this value to our customers.

We want to provide quality services of Beeline to all residents. Today I can say with confidence that we have done absolutely right, having carried out large-scale investments in the past two years. The total amount of our capital expenditures in 2011-2012 significantly higher than the $300 million, and this fact has allowed us to withstand the unprecedented traffic load in the second half of 2012.
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