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Uzbekistan to cut expenses in industry sector

The Government of Uzbekistan adopted a programme on decreasing expenses in industry by average 11.2%.

Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan approved a resolution On additional measures on decreasing production expanses and decreasing prime cost of products in industry on 7 March 2012.

The document was adopted in order to increase competitiveness of products of local producers, expand the volume of their realization internal and external market, ensure their stable work and growth of export potential.

According to the document, Uzbekistan plans to decrease prime cost at economic entities and large industrial enterprises by average 11.2%.

In line with the document, the complex on issues of geology, fuel-energy, chemical and petrochemical industry will cut expenses by 12.8%, complex on issues of machinery, electrotechnical and aviation industry, standartization of products by 5.1% and complex on issues of agriculture and water management, processing of agriculture products and consumer goods by 14.9%.

Complex on issues of communal sector, transport, capital construction and building industry will decrease prime cost by 1.6%, complex on education, healthcare and social sector by 14.9%, and complex on issues of macroeconomic development, structural reforms of economy and complex development of territories by 15.1%.

In particular, Uzbekneftegaz will decreases expenses on production by 14.8%, Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combine 12.1%, Uzbekenergo 14.7%, Uzbekugol by 12.1% and Uzkimyosanoat 11.7%.

The enterprises should achieve decrease of prime cost due to implementation of measures on rationalization of technological processes and change of norms on use of raw materials, materials and energy resources, increase use of capacities and productivity, etc.

Saved resources will stay at the enterprises and they can use them on their will. The heads of enterprises, which achieved decrease of expenses, will receive money bonuses.
19.03.2012 11:10

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