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Pharmaceutical industry

Industry development status.

Currently, in Uzbekistan 70 pharmacological groups of medicines are producing. For instance, these include cardiovascular drugs, vitamins and biostimulants, analgesics and anesthetics, antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis drugs, antiseptics, antiparasitic, diagnostic products, vaccines, serums, bacterial, and other products.

The total number of registered medicaments in the Republic of Uzbekistan is 5,914 items of medicines and medical purpose. Currently, Uzbekistans pharmaceutical market volume is more over 650 million U.S. dollars.

Companies with foreign capital, such as NobelPharmsanoat LLC JV, UltraHealthCare JV, JurabekLaboratories LLC JV, RemedyGroup LLC JV, NovoPharm LLC, HansangPharm LLC JV, Samsun -ToshkentPharm LTD LLC  and others are operating at the Uzbek pharmaceutical market. In the near future it is planned to attract large companies with a license to produce original medicals.

Target parameters for the further industry development.

Today domestic pharmaceutical industry development strategy includes the following tasks:

ensuring national drug safety. Its key aspect - guaranteed production of medicals variety from substance to ready medical products;

Increase in number of high-quality domestic medicines, covering market for at least 45-50%;

innovative domestic products market launch.

It is planned in prospect to focus efforts on production of universal generics in all forms, including tablets, capsules, injectable drugs, infusion fluids, unctures and other, as well as immunological and psychotropic drugs, insulin, anti-cancer drugs, medicines from plant material.


necessary legal framework contributing to creation of enabling environment for business and providing foreign investors with a package of benefits and privileges;

- political and macroeconomic stability in the country, that guaranties for the investments security;

- opportunity to enter the markets of CIS whose population is over 300 million people, and also the existence of an agreement on free trade zone with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, only Central Asian countries annual demand is more over 15.4 million of standard units;

- convenient geographic location of the country;

- highly skilled professionals and quality educational institutions;

- relatively cheap energy;

- access to the unused buildings and structures under the zero value on the condition of mandatory investment;

- growing domestic market (with 29.5 million population). Total annual domestic demand is 6.6 million standard units of drugs.   

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