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Light Industry

Industry development status.

Currently, 75% of Uzbek  textile products is produced by joint ventures and international enterprises equipped with equipment from the world's leading textile machinery companies such as "Tryuchler", "Schlafhorst", "Tsinzer" (Germany), "Rieter" (Switzerland) "Toyoda", "Murata" (Japan), "Savio", "Orizio", "Martsoli" (Italy).

Large foreign investors such as the "Daewoo International", "Daishin textile", "Shindong Enerkom" (South Korea), "Bayteks tigaret", "Tekfen", "Bo Group", "Alcimus textile", "Mert iplik "(Turkey)," Vayreks "," Osborne trading "," Tagus "(Great Britain) and other are operating in the country at this stage.

Until now, the industry has attracted over 1.5 billion U.S. dollars foreign investment . More than 120 companies established together with foreign investors from Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, USA, India, etc.  More than 150 projects specialized on clothing production (sportswear, clothing for adults, children's clothes, underwear, etc.) are implemented.

Companys enterprisesgoods export has increased to  600 million U.S. dollars.  Cotton fiber processing by domestic consumers share has reached 40% of total production. Modern textile enterprises, including dyeing, finishing, knitting and garment manufacturing are commissioned.

Target parameters for further development.

According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 04.10.2011 PP-1623 approved the "Program of priority measures to improve production and development of new types of competitive products", in which described implementation of 21 projects in 2011-2013. Their total value is 294.2 million U.S. dollars, of which 37.9 million - own funds, 106.7 million - commercial bank loans and 149.6 million - foreign direct investment.

According calculations in case of above mentioned projects successful implementation annual increase in cotton yarn production will be achieved for 49.8 thousand tons of finished fabrics for 47 million lm, ready knitted for 8.2 thousand tons, of finished production for 6.5 million units, hosiery for 3.6 million pairs and process equipment for 190 units.

Also a Program of regional projects development in 2012, that providing the implementation of 82 projects for total amount of 598.2 million U.S. dollars is approved.   


necessary legal framework contributing to creation of enabling environment for business and providing foreign investors with a package of benefits and privileges;

- political and macroeconomic stability in the country, that guaranties for the investments security;

- necessary and relatively cheap raw materials such as cotton and silk; 

- opportunity to enter the markets of CIS whose population is over 300 million people, and also the existence of an agreement on free trade zone with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan;

- convenient geographic location of the country;

- highly skilled professionals and quality educational institutions;

- relatively cheap energy;

- access to the unused buildings and structures under the zero value on the condition of mandatory investment. 

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