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Leather-Shoe Industry

Industry development status.

As 2011 outcomes, "Uzbekcharimpoyabzali"  enterprises had 27.6 million U.S dollars export salesd natural leather products of . these figures are expected to rise to 32.0 million U.S. dollars in 2012. Goods are exported not only to neighboring states, but also to European countries such as Spain, Italy, Turkey and to several Asian countries like China, India, Pakistan.

 Currently, leather, haberdashery and footwear enterprises are upgrading and reequipping their Totally,  6.8 million U.S. dollars had been invested to the Association enterprises alone including foreign investments. 

At this stage, $ 15.4 million U.S. dollars investments are disbursed in 19 enterprises of the country, including, 11 leather processing and 4 footwear production enterpises located in Kokand.

Target parameters for the further development.

"Uzcharmpoyabzali" Association created a FootwearDesignCenter, which will research the demand and supply in the footwear market, create and launch new models production at the enterprises. In addition, the leather and haberdashery industry is working to introduce quality management systems that meet international standards.

42 enterprises were included to the program developed in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Resolution "On measures for further development and modernization of the leather and footwear industry and increase in production output of finished leather goods for 2009 - 2012" adopted on 17 June 2009. 50 million U.S. dollars have been allotted for upgrading their capacities as well as for the new production setting up.. Expected outcome is an increase in marketable products 3 times, the footwear 4 times, and leather goods - 12 times.


- necessary legal framework contributing to creation of enabling environment for business and providing foreign investors with a broad package of benefits and privileges;

- political and macroeconomic stability in the country, that guaranties  the investments security;

- opportunity to enter the markets of CIS whose population is over 300 million people, and also the existence of an agreement on free trade zone with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan.

- convenient geographical location of the country;

- relatively cheap energy and raw materials;

- access to the unused buildings and structures under the zero value on the condition of mandatory investment;

- potential domestic market in Uzbekistan with a population of 29.7 million people. Annual demand - 25.0 million pairs of shoes;

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