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Fruit and Vegetables Processing Industry

Industry development status.

Currently, large-scale modernization and technical upgrading of oil and fat, meat and dairy and food-processing industries, introduction of modern high-tech innovations according to the international best practices are underway in food industry. Attraction of foreign partners who have experience, design, technology and who brought  investment s the starting point to this project. w. According to the last year results, the country's food production has increased by 13.8% to each over 6.6 trillion soums. Significantly increased production of margarine products - by 19.3%, bread and bakery products - 45.5%, flour - 19.3%, and sugar - 12.8%.   

Currently, 17 joint ventures operate within Association of food industry. These include,for instanc,eenterprises, that were establishedtogether with  world famous companies such as Nestle UzbekistanJV, Coca-Cola Bottlers UzbekistanJV, International Beverages TashkentLLC (Pepsi-Cola), British American Tobacco Uzbekistan JV.

Annual Uzbek market demand, based on the minimal medical standards of per capita consumption (6 kg per year) is about 180,000 tons of confectionery. Annual actual level of production is 40 000 tonnes, or 18% of demand rate. The rest of the demand is met through imported products. The need of the Uzbek market, based on the minimum amount of demand is about 40,000 tons in a year ( in sublimations). As  imports and the range of such products coming from from Korea, China, Russia, Turkey increase ,  demand for a universal nutrition form grows as well.

Target parameters for the further industry development.

Food industry of Uzbekistan is at a new stage of its development now. The Program on measures to expand and develop the food industry in 2012-2015 was approved in 2011; it outlined main directions for the industrys further development. Within the frameworks of this document it is planned to increase production of major food products in the country by 2015.

In general, this Program provides for an increase in 16 types of finished products production. Over the next five years 33 investment projects for construction, reconstruction and modernization on 74.8 million U.S. dollars are planning to be implemented in food industry. During this period Uzbekistan will start fast food with sublimated fruits and vegetables production, confectionery shop with cocoa beans processing, dry baker's yeast, iodized salt and sugar from raw sugar production.

Also, during the next four years it is scheduled to construct 44 milk processing enterprises, reconstruct, renovate and construct 90 meat processing facilities, as well as the reconstruct and renovate 26 enterprises and construct 78 processing plants with annual total capacity of 40.7 tons.


- necessary legal framework contributing to creation of enabling environment for business and providing foreign investors with a broad package of benefits and privileges;

- political and macroeconomic stability in the country, that guaranties  the investments security;

- opportunity to enter the markets of CIS whose population is over 300 million people, and also the existence of an agreement on free trade zone with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan;

- convenient geographical location of the country;

- relatively cheap energy;

- access to the unused buildings and structures under the zero value on the condition of mandatory investment;

- potential domestic market in Uzbekistan with a population of 29.7 million people; 

- raw materials  based on the climatic and environmental conditions, provide a unique opportunity for fruit and vegetable processing. For instance, from vegetables and fruits processing waste (bagasse, sludge) can be organized production of different pectins, that are able to remove  harmful metals (lead, cobalt, copper, mercury) from human body and are widely used not only in the food industry, but also in pharmaceutical, textile, paper, leather, perfume industry, film industry, metallurgy, agriculture and medicine.

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