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Investment potential of the sectors of economy

Uzbekistan possesses enormous investment potential. Over the years of independence such industries as automotive, agricultural machinery manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries and information technologies have stepped into a new development stage. 

Uzbekistan is rich in various types of mineral fossils. The subsoil was identified to contain over 100 types of mineral resources. Our country takes one of the advanced positions in the world for the reserves of gold, uranium, copper, silver, lead, zinc, tungsten, natural gas and other mineral fossils. The explored reserves of mineral resources solely are estimated at around US $3.3 trillion.

It is required to attract the investments as much as US $3.7 billion just within the next three years for modernization and technological re-equipment of the enterprises specialized in processing industries.

On the whole, the investment attractiveness of the industries is pre-conditioned by relatively low costs for production factors (power, natural gas, labor force), significant domestic market (over 26.3 million people of permanent population), free access to the CIS markets (280 million people of population). So, the price for a thousand cubic meters of natural gas is 45,500 Soums (US$36), and price for one megawatt of power is 43,700 Soums (US$34.8). Average real salary in the country is 185,000 Soums (US$150). 

Oil-and-gas industry

The history of the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan dates back to 1885. Today, the country is one of the largest suppliers of energy resources to foreign markets.  

Oil and gas industry is represented by National Holding Company (NHC) Uzbekneftegaz. It consists of six major joint stock companies, comprising  more than 120 enterprises of the complex. They perform exploration, exploratory drilling and production drilling of oil and gas wells, oil and gas fields development, oil, gas and gas condensate production, natural gas processing, transportation and gas underground storage, management of the facilities that that transport natural gas from  Uzbekistan to national consumers  and abroad, as well as providing transit of the natural gas from neighboring countries, design works, capital construction and improvement of production, transport, oil and gas processing facilities, oil products are realized to economy sectors and population of the country, the production of engineering products for businesses and organizations of oil and gas and gas chemical complexes  . The state is the major stake holder of the company.

The main oil and gas bearing region of the country can be divided into five districts. These  are Ustyurtsky, Bukhara-Khiva, Hissar, Surkhandarya and Ferghana regions. To date, ,  Uzbekistan has there are more than 232 discovered deposits of oil, gas and gas condensate. Out of them, 103 are being developed, 60 - ready for development, and 69 are in the process of study.

The country has an extensive gas transportation system. The total length of gas pipeline is more than 13 thousand km. More than 250 compressor stations are located on their way.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry of Uzbekistan is a basic sector; itincludes enterprises producing mineral fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, chemical fibers and yarns, synthetic resins, polymer products, and other products.

This sector is represented by the State Joint Stock Company (SJSC) "Uzkimyosanoat." It brings together 12 major industrial enterprises, 13 regional distribution organizations which sell chemical products to agricultural sector,; it also includes design and scientific-research institutes and a transportation company.

Currently, SJSC enterprises are producing the following products:

- Mineral fertilizers and inorganic products (nitrogen, phosphate potash fertilizers, ammonia, caustic soda and soda ash);

- Organic chemistry, synthetic fibers and polymer materials (cellulose and cellulose acetate, fiber, acetate yarns, polyethylene products);

- Chemicals for energy and chemical industries, as well as for gold production (sodium cyanide, thiourea, polyacrylamides, azotic, sulfuric, hydrochloric acid, catalysts, acetic acid, acetylene, etc.);

- Chemical-based  plant protection products (chlorate magnesium defoliant)

Automobile manufacturing and engineering industries

Automotive manufacturing industry of Uzbekistan is represented by the Joint Stock Company "Uzavtosanoat." It includes a 21 enterprises and organizations, including a higher education institution - a branch of the TurinPolytechnicUniversity in Tashkent city. Agricultural engineering is represented by  "Tashkent Tractor Plant" OJSC ("TTP" OJSC) and Chirchiqqishloqmash OJSC enterprises.

Electrical industry

Electrical Industry in Uzbekistan is represented by the Association "Uzeltekhsanoat", that brings together 25 companies of various forms of ownership, including with foreign investment. They are focused on the following areas:

- processing of copper resources (production of cables and wires);

- production of industrial and technical products (production of transformers, substations, distribution panels, elevators, various accessories and key components for other industries);

- production of complex household and radio-technical products (TV sets, household and industrial refrigerators, air conditioners, electric kettles and irons);

- maintenance and repair services.

Light industry

Uzbekistans light industry is represented by State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat", which currently includes 240 enterprises. They are specialized on textile, silk, knitting industries. To date they perform yarn and cotton fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitwear and hosiery, as well as the threads of raw silk and health products production.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry in Uzbekistan represented by 126 enterprises, 22 of which are joint ventures. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and other are produced by them.

At this stage State joint-stock concern "Uzfarmsanoat" is a leading industrial union of  pharmaceutical enterprises, which is represented by a structure of 84 enterprises and organizations. 3 of them - foreign companies, 15 - joint ventures, 3 scientific-research institutes, 1 - research and production association

Food industry

Food industry in Uzbekistan is represented by the Association of food industry enterprises of the country, which brings together 122 companies. They are producing ​​confectionery, canned foods and beverages, meat and dairy products, vegetable oils, margarines and soaps, as well as necessary services providing for other companies in the industry.

Leather and footwear industry

 Leather and footwear industry in Uzbekistan is represented by "Uzbekcharimpoyabzali" Association, which unites 53 production enterprises operating in leather processing, footwear, leather haberdashery goods and imitation leather production fields.

Building materials industry

Building materials industry is represented by Joint Stock Company "Uzstroymateriali", which brings together more than 110 enterprises (except for branches and subsidiary enterprises). They produce construction-related  products, such as cement, slate, asbestos-cement pipes, concrete mixtures and mortars, lime, reinforced concert e and structures, gypsum, mineral-cotton products, Skorlupa pipes heat insulating sheath, BIKROM, dry mix - POLIIZOL, glassware, expanded polystyrene heat insulated facade elements, chipboard, sandwich panels, marble, granite and other natural stones, bricks, electrodes, and nails.


Tourism in Uzbekistan is a national priority for sustainable development. Country has great potential for increasing tourism services volume.

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