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The register of interactive state services

Web address



Responsible organizations

Providing information on the structure, composition, functions, tasks, authorities and main activity, as well as ways of addressing the citizen inquires at the bodies of state and economic governance, state power in the local level

Cabinet of Ministers, state bodies

Addressing the citizen inquires

Providing information on the procedure of registration of birth, death, marriage, divorce, establishing paternity, adoption as a son (as a daughter), changing surnames, name and father's name

Ministry of Justice


Providing the list of territorial bodies of the Registry Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Providing information on the systems of preschool education, general secondary, secondary special, vocational and higher education, as well as the list of higher educational institutions, academic lyceums, vocational colleges and schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Providing information on the procedure of enrolling to the educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education,

Ministry of Public Education

Ministry of Labor and Social Security



Providing information on employment

Providing information on formalizing retirement and allowances with the social security

Providing information on public law enforcement and public safety

Providing information on registration and technical examination of transport means

Ministry of Interior


Receiving applications on registration of transport means from legal and physical entities

Providing information on procedure of rending medical services to population

Providing information on procedure of rendering free medical aid by state agencies of the Ministry of Health's system

Providing information on registered medicinal items

Providing information on procedure of conducting state sanitary and epidemiological control

Providing information on educational institutions of the system of the Ministry of Health

Providing information on procedure of enrolling to educational institutions of the system of Ministry of Health and allocation of state scholarships for education

Ministry of Health

Providing information on procedure of retraining and vocational education of medical facilities' personnel


Responsible organizations

Web address

Providing information on mutual settlement of accounts with budget and non- budget funds upon a taxpayer request



Record sharing from the schedule of check-ups of economic entities by controlling units for a certain period upon a taxpayer request



Receiving applications for registration, granting individual taxpayer numbers and changing taxpayer registration data (only to registering units at the khokimiyats of towns and districts, as well as regional units of justice)

State Tax Committee

Providing information on taxation legal acts



Receiving and processing electronic tax accounts, services on sending out electronic tax accounts



Providing information on the main actual macroeconomic indicators of the social-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan

State Committee for Statistics

Providing information from the State Register of Enterprises and Organizations







Receiving and processing electronic copies of declarations

State Customs Committee

Providing information on business planning and management, fiscal support of entrepreneurship development

Khokimiyats (Governors' and Mayor's Offices), State Committee

Providing information on entrepreneurship licensing and state regulation

for Demonopolization, Central Bank

Information on bankrupt economic entities whose property is subject to sale

State Committee for Demonopolization,

Providing information on securities market, banking and insurance sectors

State Committee for Property,

Providing information on drawing up and establishing public utilities tariffs

Ministry of Finance, Central Bank

Providing information on foreign trade statistics



Providing information on investment projects, considering investment proposals

Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade

Providing information on initiating electronic state procurements



Providing information on the country's transport system: motorways and railroads, civil aviation

Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport,

Passenger railroad and air transport schedules, list of railway and airport information services

National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways", State Joint-Stock Railroad Company "Uzbekistan Railroads", State Joint-Stock Company "UzAvtoyol"

Providing information on communication service tariffs, list of postal codes of the Republic of Uzbekistan, codes of telephone numeration zones of the Republic of Uzbekistan, country codes, list and website addresses of state bodies

Uzbek Agency for

Providing information on registered State information resources and systems


Responsible organizations

Web address

Providing information on migration and renunciation from citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Providing information on issuances of visas, temporary residence permit and extension of residence permit of incoming foreigners, obtaining permit for permanent residence, residence visa, citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, providing information on travel restrictions to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior

Providing list of foreign embassies in the Republic of Uzbekistan, diplomatic missions and representations of international organizations accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the list of embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Providing information from State archives


Providing information on library services to the population based on latest information technologies directed to meeting the interests of scientific, educational, information and cultural circles. Providing the list of information resources and library centers, as well as specialized libraries of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Ministry of Public Education, Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information

Providing information on land resources

State committee for land,

Providing information on real estate state registration

geodesy and cadastre

Providing information on nature and geographical conditions and historical-                   Ministry of Culture,cultural heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan                                                                                  State committee for land,     

geodesy and cadastre                        


Providing information on schedules and ticket availability, tariffs and list of

services by air companies, as well as information posted on flight arrivals/                       Uzbekistan Airways                   

departure electronic display from TashkentInternationalAirport

List of websites of organizations and companies rendering business services

Website Name

Brief website information


"" - Resource catalogue of Uzbekistan

Catalogues of websites of Uzbekistan.

"" - Uzbekistan's search system

Search system.

UzbekistanInternationalBusinessCenter (Tashkent)

Description of conference halls, facilities and technical equipment. List of services.

Yellow Pages - Uzbekistan's yellow pages

Directory (addresses, telephones) of enterprises, firms, banks and agencies operating in the regions of Uzbekistan.

Golden pages of Uzbekistan - Directory

Directory information on enterprises operating on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Website Name

Brief website information


Smetradecenter - Company directory

Catalogue of companies and organizations of the Central Asia (CIS) countries.

Emilia Baraka - Recruiting agency

Personnel recruitment, assistance in employment. Methods of employment. Cost of services. Vacancies.

HRC - Recruiting company

Recruitment of permanent and temporary personnel, staff consulting, corporate trainings and so on. Hot vacancies. - Recruitment of service personnel

Database of resumes and vacancies of service personnel: baby sitters, tutors, drivers, household assistants.

ProfiStaff - Human resources

Recruitment of personnel, staff consulting, holding sales business trainings


and psychological trainings and human resource management trainings. - Jobs in Uzbekistan

Database of resumes and vacancies. Database search system. Chance to post own information.

Uzbek-JapaneseCenter for Human

Conducting business courses, teaching Japanese. Description of courses,

Resources Development

news. Event announcements. Contacts.

UzInfoCom - Application of computer technologies

Services on analysis and research of the information-communications technologies markets; creating websites.

Tashkent Municipal Telephone Network"

List of services: telephony, Internet, ADSL-channels.

Texnoprosistem - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up and ADSL-channels, Web-design.

ARS-Inform - Internet provider (Tashkent)

Internet, Web-design, hosting.

Sharq Telekom - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up, ISDN and ADSL-channels, digital telephony, hosting.

UzNet - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up and ADSL-channels, web-pages creation.

UzSciNet - scientific and educational network of Uzbekistan

Network information, Access to web, hosting, domain support and so on. Web-pages of educational and scientific institutions. - Computer market of

Free announcements of the IT-equipment manufacturers and suppliers of


Uzbekistan - Pharmacy portal of

Search of medicines and medical purpose items at pharmacy stores in


Tashkent. Directory. Pharmacy vacancies and resumes. Foodstuff delivery in Tashkent

Illustrated catalogue of foodstuff and drinks, prices for them. Additional services.

Toshkent rielt - Real estate agency of Tashkent

Buy, sale, lease of living, commercial and countryside estate; legal support of all deals. - Restaurants in

Catalogue of restaurants with photos, menu, contact information. Addresses


of restaurants posted with specialized kitchens. - Announcement poster of Tashkent

Poster of cinemas, theater repertoire, schedule of concerts, parties and exhibitions. Directory and feedback.


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