Business Expenses


There are arbitration tribunals under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and its territorial bodies to review property-related and non-property related disputes among businesses. The fees charged by the arbitration tribunals and additional costsof the parties in the arbitration process are significantly lower than the official fees of the economic courts, which significantly reducesthe costs of the businesses in resolution of business disputes.

Arbitration Fee*


Type of dispute


Amount of arbitration fee
On disputes envisaged in the Statute of the Arbitration Tribunal

1% of lawsuit amount, but at least3MMW                                                                                                     10 MMW



Non-property related disputes, if the lawsuit amount cannot be identified

Arbitration fee is reduced:

   By 25% - if the case is subject to single-handed resolution by the arbiter (but atleast 2 MMW);

   By 25% - if the case is closed without ruling;

   By 50% - if the plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit prior to the first session of thearbitration tribunal as the parties resolved the dispute before trial.

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